Day 4 Tucson 2013

Day 4

This day we wandered to the eastern part of the city looking for pyramids and new materials. We were happy to find quality, tumbled Howlite and large Hematite pieces from South Africa.  After strolling around this great show, we were frustrated by the scarcity of material appropriate for us. We decided to visit with our friend from Utah, who is funny and knowledgeable of the global mineral community. While enjoying his beautiful Tiffany Stone material, we learned that many buyers were having similar unsatisfying experiences. From Utah, we are bringing back Sandstone slabs, Picasso Marble and Septarian nodule slices and stand-ups.

We continued our search through this show and came across a new vendor from Peru, who sold Palo Santo wood. Following a brief negotiation, we are bringing home a lot of this aromatic incense. This wood has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of Peru as a spiritual tool for purification and cleansings.

After leaving this venue, we crossed town back to the ‘Strip’. Previously we had seen spectacular Epidote-included Quartz from China and wanted to see if the price had come down.  Unfortunately, we had to leave these behind… rats!

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