Winter Solstice/Christmas Animal Stories: Messenger Dogs

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Winter Solstice/Christmas Animal Stories

Ancient legends abound with tales of animals that gain the power to speak on cold winter nights. It certainly seems they understand and respond to the humans they love. 

Messenger Dogs

Chris Stevens, the gregarious DJ from the television show Northern Exposure, once announced to his listeners in Cicely, Alaska, that he wished for them all that their dogs could talk. Wouldn’t that be nice … to cuddle up with your favorite pooch for a winter’s night discussion about the wonders of the world? Chris made his observation after Maggie O’Connell fell head over heels for a dog that spoke to her with the voice of her departed boyfriend. Sounds crazy, but there are plenty of ancient legends that assure us dogs can talk and that they can communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side. Dogs are very complex creatures, who carry loyalty and love for their human family. It would be nice to think we might have a chance to actually chat with our furry friends. I know I sometimes feel like mine know exactly what I’m thinking.

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