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Welcome to Rock ‘n Glass

Founded in 2002 by proprietor Rebecca Blair and her partner Idania Alvarez, Rock n’ Glass is a small business with heart and soul. Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, USA, this rock, crystal and glass company aims to ROCK your world with the beauty that can be found in the world around us all.

Take the time to peruse the pages of this webpage and you will be sure to see the love these strong women put into the business they share. It is a place for everybody from rock hounds, miners, and geologists to shamans, mediums, psychics, and those who follow New Age traditions or people who just like to surround themselves with the beauty of the Earth. Rock ‘n Glass truly rocks to the beat of a universal drummer that can make anybody smile with pleasure.

About the Business and its Partners

A Word from Rebecca

I usually take on the task of acting as the official spokesperson for Rock ‘n Glass because I’m more talkative than my partner Idania. Both of us are very clear about the mission of our small business. I want to spread the beauty of the Earth to all people at prices that make it affordable for everyone. I worked for years in scientific settings which sparked my passion for the wonderful geologic background of the minerals and crystals I sell. I also have experience in marketing lower cost items to bring the best values possible to the most people while maintaining the highest quality standards. I use that background to help in achieving my goal of providing the highest quality product at the best price possible. I like to hand pick the items I send out to others. I want to make sure every person receives the best product possible for the best price. Behind my passion for this ideal is a childhood that gave me a deep connection to and strong appreciation for nature and its bounty. I learned to love the planet collecting shells on Florida beaches and exploring pathways in the forest with my wonderful parents and siblings. These rocks are personal for me. They connect me to the past of the planet, but they also bring memories of my mother and other important people in my life and places I have been. I started the business because I saw the rocks and crystals as little pieces of the planet that offered a feel of the place where they originated to someone who might not otherwise be able to experience the culture of a far-away place. I wanted to offer a wide variety of things that would allow everyone the ability to explore the world in their own way. Talking is what makes the business interesting to me. I love to listen and talk science, history, and geology with the wonderful miners and rock hounds who tell me the stories of how the rocks were formed which makes them seem even more interesting. I also have connections from my childhood and interest in those who seek spiritual vibrations from the rocks. My mother was a person who felt things from the other side, and I inherited some of her gifts and interest. I believe the rocks carry their own vibration and story, and that they bring happiness to those around them. I have a deep fondness for the jasper stones. The pictures they display, especially beautiful picture jasper, are like photographs of the time when they were created. Just being around the rocks and all of their secrets and vibrations makes life better.

How the Business Got Started

The real beginnings of the business were offerings from the universe, signs that made me understand the path I should take. In 2002, I was working in a laboratory with a schedule that only allowed vacationing in the month of January. Idania and I travelled to Arizona for a vacation because we both had such strong interest in all things Southwestern. I’d already started collecting rocks as a hobby. We visited Native American ruins and geologic wonders, but our biggest surprise was what we discovered in Tucson, Arizona. We’d never heard of the biggest rock, crystal and gem show in the world, but there it was in all its glory. That fact alone hooked me on the idea of doing something more than just continuing my rock collecting hobby. I asked the universe for a sign and it answered in its own way as it always does. I’d started buying rocks on EBay from one particular seller. We developed a sort of friendship and he wrote and asked what I was doing with all of the rocks. When I explained that I was toying with the idea of a business, the seller sent me an introduction to a prominent seller who sold from halfway around the world. We connected and that was it. I had my answer, and the business was born.

Idania Speaks

I share my partner’s love for our small business. I see it as a means of providing synergistic beauty to the world. I love creating the sites where the company offers its products for sale. Each showroom or sales tent is an opportunity to create a piece of art. Like a Native American sand painting or Tibetan sand mandala, my creation is finite and ends quickly when the show is over or the product sold, but it exists for a moment with its own beauty and vibration. I try to make each space I create work in harmonious synchronicity so that everything there is effortless and filled with beauty. There’s a sense of satisfaction every time I finish the design and then watch how beautifully it works during the sale. It really does make life sweeter to live in your own artistic creation.
What the Business Offers

Rock ‘n Glass offers a wide variety of tumbled stones, worry stones, and palm stones, all created from beautiful rocks, crystals, and minerals. It also offers carved mineral and crystal hearts, skulls, animals, and angels. It carries animal totems and Zuni fetishes of the highest quality.