Octopus Moose Antler


SIZE: 1.16” W x 2.51” Front to Back x 0.69” H

Moose Antler Octopus

The Moose Antler Octopus can solve life’s mysteries. Moose is a symbol of strength, power, bravery, and courage.  It enhances the joy of accomplishment. It is headstrong and has great longevity. It enhances self-esteem. It is symbolic of wisdom, steadfastness, and confidence. It is imbued with primary female energy. The qualities of the Moose spirit linger in the antlers it sheds on the forest floor. The wisdom and joy of accomplishment associated with Moose Antler combined with the intelligence of Octopus makes this a great talisman for explorers and scientists. This combination creates a marvelous vibration that enhances the ability to solve the mysteries of the universe or discover the secrets of the world. It can also be a powerful talisman for a woman working in an atmosphere that has been male-dominated in the past. The primary female energy of Moose combined with the camouflage and abstract reasoning of Octopus can be an aid in forging from the past into a brighter future.


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