RoadRunner Moose Antler


SIZE: 3.28” L (beak to tail) x 1.13” W (base) x 2.24” H (base to head)

Material: Moose Antle

Each  winter  the  Bull  Moose  sheds  his  antlers (which  can  weigh  up to 60  pounds).  Shedding  the  antlers  allows  the  Moose  to  store  more  energy so they can survive and thrive during the harsh winter months.

Moose Antler Roadrunner

The Moose Antler Roadrunner is a diplomatic master. The majestic male Moose sheds his antlers every year. Moose grows new antlers to replace the old and leaves the old behind which makes harvest of antler completely safe for the animal and absolutely unobtrusive. The primary purpose of the antlers is sexual attraction and mating behavior. Moose is a symbol of strength, power, bravery, and courage.  It enhances the joy of accomplishment. It is headstrong and has great longevity. It enhances self-esteem. It is symbolic of wisdom, steadfastness, and confidence. It is imbued with primary female energy. The qualities of the Moose spirit linger in the antlers it sheds on the forest floor. Combining the diplomacy, decision-making, and communication skills of Roadrunner with Moose Antler’s wisdom, steadfastness, and courage creates a premier talisman for journalists, explorers, public relations managers, event organizers, and lawyers. Stand tall with the powerful energy of the Moose Antler Roadrunner and achieve all of your goals. 


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