Humpback Whale Moose Antler


SIZE: 0.96” W x 3.05” D Head to Tail x 0.56” H

Moose Antler Whale

The Moose Antler Whale exudes a vibration that enhances and strengthens leadership. Moose Antler evokes the courage, bravery, and strength to accomplish goals. It stimulates the joy of accomplishment. It enhances self-esteem. It is symbolic of wisdom, steadfastness, and confidence. It is imbued with primary female energy. Whales are symbols of compassion, communication, great wisdom, healing, and unbridled creativity. Whale enhances communication skills and intelligence. It empowers the ability to unlock the great secrets of the universe. This is a perfect talisman for those who need to communicate their ideas to others. Its powerful energy can be a great aid to teachers trying to convey knowledge to their students, politicians trying to communicate their ideas to voters, and business leaders trying to inspire employees and sell their ideas and products. Use the powerful energy of the Moose Antler Whale to take it over the top.


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