Sea Turtle Moose Antler


SIZE: 1.75” W (side to side) x 2.02” D (head to tail) x 0.40” H

Moose Antler Turtle

The Moose Antler Turtle evokes wisdom and understanding of the world around you. The energy of the Moose lingers in the antlers it sheds and drops upon the forest floor. Moose is a symbol of strength, power, bravery, and courage.  The Moose spirit enhances self-esteem. It is symbolic of wisdom, steadfastness, and confidence. It is imbued with primary female energy. Turtle is endowed with abundant wisdom and has the ability to understand the great mysteries of the universe. It has great insight that allows it to understand the world around it. Combining these powerful energies creates a talisman of strength and intelligence. This makes a great tool for anyone in a leadership role. It will aid in decision-making in every arena of life.

These animal carvings  are  fashioned  from  naturally  shed  Moose  antlers. Collected  in  Alaska  each  year  and  handcrafted  by master  artisans these sacred sculptures can provide  you  the  opportunity  to  embody  the  power  and spirit of Moose.

Note: Antlers  have  both  solid  and  porous  areas,  and  vary  in  color.


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