Wolf Moose Antler


SIZE: 0.52” W x 1.95” Head to Tail x 1.17” H

Moose Antler Wolf

The Moose Antler Wolf exudes an energy that focuses on achieving family and community goals in the best way possible. Moose Antler evokes the courage, bravery, and strength to accomplish goals. It stimulates the joy of accomplishment. It enhances self-esteem. It is symbolic of wisdom, steadfastness, and confidence. It is imbued with primary female energy. Wolf is a creature with sharp intelligence. It has a deep connection to instinct and intuition. It is freedom loving but has strong connections to family. Wolf is the symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, courage, strength, leadership, and spirit. It evokes trust in the heart and mind. This talisman celebrates the ties that bind humans together and encourages actions that will best serve the most people. It is a great energy for governmental and corporate sponsors who work with people to further the goals of the community.


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