Winter Solstice/Christmas Animal Stories: The Bees’ Hymn

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Winter Solstice/Christmas Animal Stories

Ancient legends abound with tales of animals that gain the power to speak on cold winter nights. It certainly seems they understand and respond to the humans they love. 

The Bees’ Hymn

Ancient cultures recognized that animals sometimes speak to their human brothers and sisters. Many times the power to speak arises in the darkest days of winter when humans need a spark to give them cheer. In northern England, there is a tale that around the Yuletide, when the winds are cold and snow drifts deep, swarms of Bees gather and buzz together to hum a cheering hymn of praise to their human friends. Perhaps we should return the cheer by singing to the Bees a rousing round of “God rest ye merry gentle Bees, let nothing you dismay …” or maybe just join in their gentle sound and hum a tune together.

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