Winter Solstice/Christmas Animal Stories: The Deer and the Great Spirit

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Winter Solstice/Christmas Animal Stories

Ancient legends abound with tales of animals that gain the power to speak on cold winter nights. It certainly seems they understand and respond to the humans they love.

The Deer and the Great Spirit

Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, marks the beginning of winter, a time when stories are shared beside the warmth of the fire and the cold wind blows outside. It’s a time when storytellers teach us to appreciate the wisdom in the Animal Kingdom. It is said by Native American storytellers in Canada that on the evening of the Winter Solstice at midnight, all of the Deer in the forests kneel to the ground and gaze at the sky as they plead with the Great Spirit for the return of the Sun. Their prayers are answered the next day when daylight lingers a little longer than it did the day before. The gentle and humble spirit of the Deer is rewarded by the awesome power of the Great Spirit, bringing great benefit to humankind and all of the living things on the Earth.

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