Winter Solstice/Christmas Animal Stories: A Horse is a Horse

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Winter Solstice/Christmas Animal Stories

Ancient legends abound with tales of animals that gain the power to speak on cold winter nights. It certainly seems they understand and respond to the humans they love.

A Horse is a Horse

Some of you may remember the antics of a very special talking horse known as the “Famous Mr. Ed” in a 1950s television series about Mr. Ed and his owner Wilbur. Mr. Ed may have been the creation of a television screenwriter, but talking animals are actually found in ancient legends from all around the world. The animal lore of old told not only of talking horses, but of horses that could foretell the future and save their human friends from misfortune and harm. That’s certainly true of the way Mr. Ed scurried around and protected his trusting owner Wilbur from all sorts of comedic mishaps. Mr. Ed used his horse smarts to keep Wilbur out of jams. Like the song says: if you meet a horse that can talk … go right to the source and you’ll never go wrong.

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