Giraffe Opalite


SIZE: 1.77” (head to tail) L x 0.87” D x 2.50” H

Material Opalite

Opalite Giraffe

The Opalite Giraffe soars through the astral planes. Opalite is manmade opalized glass with various opal stimulants. It is said to improve communication, especially spiritual communication. It may assist during all types of transitions. Giraffe’s clairvoyance, far-reaching sight, and intuition paired with the power of Opalite to enhance spiritual communication make this combination a strong talisman for those who seek to communicate with other planes of existence. This is a powerful tool for mediums, psychics, seers, mystics, and shamans.

Important: This photo is only for your reference, and is representative of the material.Individual carvings may vary slightly in size, color, or, inclusions. We will do our best to select individual pieces that best represent the stone you have chosen.


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