Day 5 Tucson 2012

Day 5

After a slow start, Day 5 is dedicated to finalizing our purchases as we prepare to pack the shipment. We procured SANDSTONE sculptures, spheres and BOOKENDS from the Four Points area. Idania is obsessed with black tourmaline. We found a very nice, affordable variety from India. Having fallen in love with a double-terminated sample from China, we are scouring Tucson for material we can bring home. Fortunately, other treasures were found during this hunt:

1) Tumbled KINGMAN TURQUOISE nuggets from the mine in northern Arizona.

2) Beautiful split ammonite pairs & ammonite pendants with iridescent outer shell from Morocco.

3) Amazing RAINBOW QUARTZ from India. These were discovered about three years ago and have a wonderful, energizing vibration.

4) YONIS, marble holders for Shiva lingams or spheres, in various sizes.

Eureka! Almost having lost hope, we negotiated a good price for the black tourmaline from China. We had to purchase an entire case in order to get that rate, but we are happy with its value. Each crystal is double-terminated and range in size from one to four inches.

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