Tumbled Charoite


SIZE: ~0.90 – 1.00”

Origin: Russia


Feel the vibration of unconditional love that flows from the Charoite stone.

Charoite has the highest possible healing vibration. It is said to give inspiration that leads to being of service to others. Charoite encourages a connection to the divine and inspires altruism. It is highly protective in every way. It protects from psychic attack and negativity of all kinds. It is a symbol for endurance that promotes self-confidence for those who face adversity. It is a stone that evokes unconditional love. It is associated with the heart, crown, third eye, and solar plexus chakras and the astrological signs Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Charoite is the perfect talisman for those who work in jobs designed to further the public good. It gives a vibration that elevates the better self and provides a reminder of the importance of giving to the world around us. For those in public service, it protects from the negativity that is sometimes directed your way for carrying out the responsibilities of your job. For those working for charities, it is a constant reminder the importance of your altruistic purpose. Carry it in your pocket when you face the adversity that arises in the wake of storms, wars, poverty, disease, and all of the sources of chaos that create problems in the world. Its vibration will protect you from negativity and strengthen your ability to achieve your purpose

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.


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