Tumbled K2 Jasper


SIZE: ~0.8 -1.0”

Origin: Pakistan


Reach for the highest spiritual levels with this beautiful stone found only on the peak of one of the highest mountains in the world.

K2 Jasper is also known as K2 Stone, K2 Granite, and Raindrop Azurite. Although K2 Jasper is its most popular name, this stone is not actually Jasper. It is bright white fine-grained Granite composed of Quartz, Feldspar, and Biotite with Blue Azurite inclusions. In some specimens, there is also a visible stain of Malachite adjacent to the Azurite inclusion. It is found only in the Karakorum Range in Pakistan on the peak of the second highest mountain in the world, K2 which is also known as Mount Godwin Austen. It is a very powerful stone that can deepen the state of the mind in meditation and give insight into dreams. It has an extremely strong healing vibration that brings peace to the mind leading to enlightenment. It is said to hold a key that will open access to the Akashic Records. It is a stone that reveals the bonds between people and brings them together.

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.

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