Eagle Picture Jasper (Standing)


SIZE: 2.40″ L x 1.67” W x 1.18” H

Material: Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper Eagle

The Picture Jasper Eagle is a talisman of the powerful. Picture Jasper is a powerful sacred stone that carries strong healing and nurturing qualities. It generates courage and wisdom. It is sometimes known as the Stone of Global Awareness. It contains a deep connection to the Earth that brings comfort by alleviating fear, stress, and anxiety. The Stone of Global Awareness combined with Eagle is a powerful tool for those who impact on the big pig picture in the world. This includes those in the arts such as movie producers and directors as well as those who make big decisions on the political and business stages. This talisman is an authentic emblem of power at the highest level.

Important: This photo is only for your reference, and is representative of the material.Individual carvings may vary slightly in size, color, or, inclusions. We will do our best to select individual pieces that best represent the stone you have chosen.


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