Buffalo Purple Aventurine


SIZE: 2.30” L x 0.90” W x 1.46”

Material: Purple Aventurine

Purple Aventurine Buffalo

The Purple Aventurine Buffalo is a talisman that leads to one’s highest and best purpose. Purple Aventurine is a stone of protection that promotes psychological awareness. It enhances and strengthens motivation. It gives strong support for living life as your authentic self. It improves perspective and assists in determining one’s higher purpose in life. It heightens and amplifies creativity. It can be an aid to enhancement of musical skills. It can aid in recalling and interpreting dreams. Buffalo emits a vibration that recalls its sacred path in life. Combined with Purple Aventurine, this creates a strong talisman for those seeking their highest purpose. Any seeker of light would benefit from this combination. It is a beautiful energy to place in the office of a counselor or spiritual leader of any kind. It would be helpful to those who choose to pursue artistic goals through independent thinking and action that others might call “outside of the box.” It will bring your authentic vision to life.

Important: This photo is only for your reference, and is representative of the material.Individual carvings may vary slightly in size, color, or, inclusions. We will do our best to select individual pieces that best represent the stone you have chosen.


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