Operculum Hearts


SIZE: 36mm x 32mm

Origin: Madagascar


Operculum, also known as Shiva Shell, Pacific Cat’s Eye, and Mermaids’ Money, has long been considered a lucky talisman. It is considered a symbol of Shiva’s third eye. It is said to represent the Golden Ratio and to be the key to knowledge and wisdom. It is called a Stone of Wisdom that sharpens intuition, enhances discernment, and deepens understanding. It assists in opening awareness of the Divine while maintaining connectivity to the Earth. It banishes fear and negativity. It enhances psychic abilities, ESP, mental imagery, and concentration. It aids in dream interpretation and wards off bad dreams. It symbolizes perfection and enlightenment and is said to show the way to divine immortality. It is associated with the third eye chakra.

The heart is the universal symbol for love of all kinds. The heart symbol carries a vibration of love in its most essential form. It brings thoughts of love to mind upon sight, giving it a special kind of energy that is both gentle and powerful. Combining this power with the spiritual strength of Operculum creates a powerful talisman for those who seek to further the goals of humanity as a whole. An open heart filled with universal love is the cornerstone for charities and foundations centered on furthering the larger goals of humankind. The force of this combination would be an aid to those working in any charitable or other type foundation devoted to the good of others

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.


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