Green Aventurine Hearts (small)


SIZE: 25mm x 25mm


Green Aventurine is a variety of Quartz with inclusions of bright particles of mica that give it a glistening effect. It is known as the Stone of Opportunity. It is considered the luckiest of all crystals, especially for the purposes of attracting wealth and prosperity or increasing the possibility of winning in games of chance. Green Aventurine is an all-round healing stone, especially powerful for healing problems with the liver, lungs, sinuses and heart. It brings comfort and harmony as it attracts luck, success, and abundance. It may be used to loosen negativity as it soothes away all problems. It is helpful for working through unresolved emotional issues. It aids in releasing old patterns of behavior making way for new growth. It encourages perseverance as it evokes optimism and an increased zest for life.  It is also said to increase intelligence, perception, and creativity. It brings an understanding of the creative power of nature, and opens the soul to the Earth’s Life Force. It is associated with the heart chakra and the astrological signs Virgo and Libra.  

This is the ultimate good luck talisman. The power of the heart shape symbolizes what most human beings want to experience, true and abiding romantic love. The vibration of luck and good fortune exuded by Green Aventurine is heightened with the power of the symbol, making this a talisman to draw luck in love as well as life.

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.

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