Tumbled Flower Agate (Sakura)


SIZE: ~1.1”-1.3

Origin: Madagasca


Blossom into your full potential with beautiful Sakura Agate.

Sakura Agate, also known as Flower Agate, is a newly discovered mineral from Madagascar. It is a soft blush pink color with pink, cream, and white plume-like Chalcedony inclusions that resemble flowers. It encourages self growth and accelerates potential. It exudes a powerful vibration that aids in reaching one’s fullest potential, especially on the physical plane. It protects from fear and self-doubt. It is imbued with a powerful feminine energy that can be used to ignite our passion for life. It balances the yin/yang and male/female energies. It can be used to increase concentration and deepen the meditative state. It encourages patience, peace, and tranquility.

Carry the Sakura Agate Tumbled Stone to evoke success in the business world. It can be used to clear and center our bodily energy. Reach for the stars with the power of the Sakura Agate Tumbled Stone.

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.



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