Wolf Rainbow Jasper


SIZE: 1.5 W x 0.70 D x 2.25” H

Rainbow Jasper Wolf

Rainbow Jasper was used by Anasazi cliff dwellers for arrowheads. It has been used by some Native American tribes as a dowsing rock to call rain or water. It is a sustaining stone with qualities that calm and sooth. It may aid in collecting one’s thoughts before making decisions or presentations. Combining the intelligence of wolf with the qualities of Rainbow jasper creates a vibration that encourages negotiation. This is a good combination for anyone in a job that requires negotiating skills. It would be good for mediators, labor negotiators, insurance adjusters, lawyers, and salepeople.

Important: This photo is only for your reference, and is representative of the material.Individual carvings may vary slightly in size, color, or, inclusions. We will do our best to select individual pieces that best represent the stone you have chosen.


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