Day 1 Tucson 2012

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Day 1

Our first day in Tucson has been a total success. First, we saw our friends from Madagascar, whose merchandise had just arrived after clearing US Customs. As they were still unpacking, they asked us to return later in the day.

We took the opportunity to check out other dealers’ merchandise and found BISMUTH.  After learning more about the process and how to pick the best specimens, we can’t wait to show the new ones, available in various sizes.

The change in plans let us visit with our friend from India. He has changed his merchandise emphasis and had lots of new material. We are bringing back new TUMBLED STONES (cavansite, yellow topaz and stilbite), polished FACETED GARNETS in various sizes, new CHAKRA JEWELRY, PENDULUMS and more. The most exciting find is the new QUARTZ from Southern India, found near the Satya loka monastery! For those interested in metaphysical work, this is an amazing healer.

As we waited for our purchases to be packaged, we wondered about the other display areas. We met a retired miner from Alaska with lovely GARNETS IN MATRIX.

At the allotted time, we returned to the Madagascar room, where we found nothing much had changed! As quickly as items were unwrapped and set out for sale, they were snapped up by savvy buyers. Lesson learned, we decided to stay and help unpack – Housman never turns away free help. To give you a synopsis of the quick turn-around of  his material, he unpacked a 9-inch diameter star rose quartz sphere, weighing 9 kilograms. After viewing the 6-pointed star in the sun, we returned to our unloading/purchasing task. Within 15 minutes, another buyer entered the room, zeroed in on that sphere and bought it!  The mixed feelings he experienced on selling an item he obviously expected to have around for a longer time were familiar to all of us in that room. When you hand-pick merchandise that appeals to you, it is a happy-sad moment when it resonates with another and it leaves for its new home. Fabulous CARNELIANS, excellent grade OCEAN JASPER, new OPTICAL CALCITES, new STAR ROSE QUARTZ and newly-discovered BLUE APATITE are coming home with us.

Ecstatic with our finds, we decided to head over to another show for a quick once-over as the day was coming to an end. We landed in the middle of a dinosaur playground!  Realistic models of prehistoric creatures dotted the landscape; a miniature Jurassic Park! At this venue, we found chrysocolla and amethysts that have to be seen to be believed.  Here is a peek of these sights.

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