Day 2 Tucson 2013

Day 2

Tucson’s weather is fantastic; perfect for trekking around town. We have found superb crystals and minerals. From Madagascar, high quality Raspberry Rose Quartz has joined our bounty. The rich deep rose color is very soothing to the heart. Unfortunately, due to the very limited quantities available, there aren’t any pictures to share. From the same vendor, we purchased Candle Quartz and new clear Quartz Obelisks.

We were fortunate to locate the vendor from Canada and picked up more Fairy Stones, concretions exposed with the seasonal melting of glaciers. As he was just unpacking, we were able to buy from fresh inventory. He is a lovely individual, with a wise and gentle manner. We always enjoy visiting with him.

Most of the Brazilian merchants are just now receiving their shipments. Each pass by their display areas, there is something new to see. It’s been a while since Lepidolite with the right combination of aesthetics and high energy was available. We picked up a flat of this deep purple variety from the Virgem da Lapa in Mina Gerais.

We finally stopped for a late lunch and had a great surprise. A friend we made during our very first trip to Tucson was also having lunch! We had not seen Gene and Barbara for a few years, so it was great to spend time with them. I bought my first crystal in Tucson from him and look what it started!

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