Day 2 Tucson 2012

morrocan sculptures 2 670x470

Day 2

Our second day began with a quick purchase of calcite, obsidian spheres and peacock ore from Mexico. We were lucky to find the last 2 cases of newly-discovered cache of WHITE CALCITE. The violence and unrest in Chihuahua has greatly diminished the availability of Mexican stones as miners will not venture into the mountains.

As our purchases were packaged, we met with Todd from Utah. New YELLOW ARAGONITE spires, Moqui balls, trilobites and septarian slabs are returning with us.  His display of Tiffany Stone is truly breath- taking.

After picking up our purchases, we headed across town. Inexplicably Russian and Eastern Europe minerals have doubled in price from previous years. Charoite was no longer available; however, moldavite, seraphinite and new SHUNGITE PYRAMIDS were purchased. Though we continue to scour Tucson, black tourmaline is not readily seen; prices have doubled-quadrupled from last year.  From China, we did find lovely long rods of STIBNITE.

Our next stop was the tents of Morocco for new WHITE SELENITE MASSAGE WANDS and TOWERS, and white and orange selenite hearts.  Our day was to end with the purchase of beautifully crafted SEPTARIAN EGGS from Madagascar.  However, as we waited to complete this sale, Becky found lovely GEMSTONE NECKLACES and silver-plated chakra jewelry from India to round out the day.  The quality of the workmanship and designs was such that we could not leave without them.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal at the Garland restaurant and headed back to our lodgings. We keep hearing of a new show, close to the downtown area, which we will check-out tomorrow.  Here are a few photos of the day’s adventures.

uruguayan amethyst geodes 487x640

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