Day 3 Tucson 2012

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Day 3

After a hearty breakfast, the third day began with a search for purpurite, copper and specular hematite. Though we found new COPPER SPHERES, the dealer has sold out of the others. As buyer after buyer heard the news, there was a shift in the energy/intention – the “frenzy” had begun. Similar to crowds looking for Black Friday bargains, as supplies dry-up people become less polite, more selfish in their search for material to take home. Rather than join in, we wandered through other shops. After purchasing tumbled peanutwod, Becky spotted beautiful SMOKEY QUARTZ  from Mooralla, Victoria, Australia.  Often double-terminated, these crystals are known for their inclusions and enhydros.

While driving to the aforementioned new show (see Day 2), we spotted a banner for a small show on a side street.  Here dealers were still setting up as the doors opened for business. We lucked into specimen-quality ZIRCON, TANZANITE, and TOURMALINE. Down the hall, we noticed the miner from China we had met last year.  Her “singing” quartz lasers and mini quartz points joined our bounty.

After finding the downtown locale, we strolled the aisles of this mammoth tent show. Wares from all over the world are on display. After buying LAPIS LAZULI SPHERES from Afghanistan, we encountered beautifully crafted sculptures in petrified fossils. We could not leave without BOOKENDS, PYRAMIDS, and small BOXES.

Crossing the freeway, we meandered through “The Strip”; site from which the current shows grew.  Herkimer diamonds from New York, quartz obelisks from Brazil, FLUORITE HEARTS AND PYRAMIDS from China were added to our stash. Happily re-acquainted with a mining family from Mexico, we purchased obsidian products. We learned that the original spiderweb obsidian mine had played out and no new pocket has been found in more than 3 years. Hearing this news, we purchased as much of this material as we could in spheres, tumbled stones and freeforms. Silver sheen and gold sheen obsidian spheres and tumbled stones rounded out this deal.

Though exhausted, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at The Kingfisher. Though reservations are highly recommended, we were immediately seated in the lounge. From cocktails to dessert, we were treated to delicious foods and outstanding service. The nattily attired patrons must have wondered about the two happy, yet grungy women in the corner booth!

Hope you enjoy the following photos of this day…

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