Day 4 Tucson 2014

serpentine and white calcite bison bear 640x173

Day 4

Today our focus is on finding the elusive Bolivian Amethyst points. Though we have seen reasonably-priced Brazilian Amethyst points, their color is not as intense as those from the Anahi mine. We’re going to explore in a venue which is the premier site for collectors and high-end dealers. As we stroll through the hotel lobby, Becky is drawn to a corridor at the end of which is a roomful of the Amethyst and Ametrine from Bolivia. What an amazing site! After going through the contents of 16 mineral flats and 6 shipping cases, three stunning points are on their way to Gainesville.

We continue to wander around, looking for merchandise and gazing at incredible specimens. The beauty of Nature is astounding. From the Azurite Sun specimens of central Australia to the antique coins and bottles of ancient civilizations, this show has something for every collector! As always, Black Tourmaline specimens draw our attention.

Uruguayan Amethyst geodes were fashioned to resemble shark jaws or the footprints of prehistoric creatures captured in stone. Beautiful!

We were fortunate to find Moldavite from the Czech Republic and Cactus Quartz [aka Spirit Quartz or Fairy Quartz] specimens from South Africa. Apparently a new vein of this material was found as some of the sampling are a deep vibrant purple!

As we were leaving this venue, we found bison and bear carvings fashioned from white calcite and serpentine. We could not leave without these.

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