Yesterday was our last buying day as we have to pack our merchandise for shipping today.  We are bringing great treasures home, including new tumbled stones, stone jewelry, quartz from various regions, fossils from England and Germany, new mineral specimens, and polished material from throughout the world.

As we traveled between the various shows, we were amazed by the beauty and magnificence of Nature and theUniverse. It seemed that everywhere we went in the last days of January, Amethyst was being highlighted. Below are a few photos which hardly do justice to the totality of our experience. Enjoy
giant amethyst geode at gem show feb 2 11 900x1125
amethyst gem tree feb 2 11 485x480amethyst elestial-1 top small jan 1 11 491x399

What a wonderful trip it’s been!

sunset at tucson gem and mineral show feb 2 11 640x385