Tumbled Tree Agate


SIZE: ~1.0-1.2”

Origin: India


Dissolve the ego and free the spirit to climb to the highest plane of existence with the wonderful vibration of Tree Agate.

This marvelous stone evokes the spirit of the Earth and its ancient trees creating a strong vibration of nurturing protection. It is said to promote balance and stability as it establishes deep spiritual roots that connect the body to the soul. It has been used historically in India as a personal talisman that brings physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength. It is a stone of inner peace that is said to calm the nerves and boost the immune system. It brings focus to the discovery of universal truth, to realization of the oneness of all things. It helps in dissolving the ego and releasing the arrogance that creates feelings of divisiveness. It connects one with the deep Earth and all of the bounty of nature. It was used by ancient tribes to communicate with the nature spirits, to enhance plantings, and to aid in protection of mother and child during the birthing procedure. It was the stone of the Druids, used by them to perform tree magic. It is said to attract new opportunities as well as wealth and abundance. It has been said to be associated with the crown, base, and heart chakras. It has also been associated with the astrological signs Aires and Gemini and the planets Earth and Mercury. 

Tree Agate is a magical stone that brings positive energy to all who carry it. Make it your personal talisman to shield within its nurturing protection as it brings you physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength. Hold it in your hand as you meditate to discover universal peace and realize the oneness of all things. Use its vibration to communicate with nature spirits, totems, and spirit guides.  If you are pregnant, carry it for the vibration of protection it will exude while going through the magical reality of the birthing experience. It will help you open yourself to the universe and dissolve any negativity you carry inside. It’s a stone for everyone with any spiritual aspirations.

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.


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