Tumbled Presell (GB/Wales)


SIZE: ~0.8 – 1.0”

Origin: GB/Wales


Preseli Bluestone, also known as simply Presili or Blue Stone, is a type of spotted dolerite rock. It is chemically altered metamorphic rock containing clusters of secondary minerals. Blue Stone was used to build a part of Stonehenge, one of the greatest known prehistoric monolithic monuments. Stonehenge is located on Salisbury Plain in England. The most recognizable stones at Stonehenge are the large outer stone monuments known as sarsens. These sandstone slabs were constructed about 2500 B.C. Long before then, in around 2900 B.C., a series of monuments made of Preseli Bluestone were constructed as an inner ring of the monument. This inner ring of stones has received great notice because the stones used to build it were also massive in size, but were not native to the Stonehenge area. These inner ring stones weigh about four tons each. They are from an outcropping of Presili Bluestone that is about 150 miles away from Stonehenge. For years people have wondered how these stones were transported over that great distance3. Some have suggested they were moved by glacier and others by human beings. Stonehenge was used for ceremonial and mortuary practices between 3700 and 1600 B.C. It is considered a magical place, possibly a gateway between the worlds or dimensions of time and space. It is said that this powerful stone has a connection to the wizardry of Merlin and the magical power of a wizard to connect with the energy of the Earth in all its glory. It certainly has a strong connection to the past. It has a deep connection to the energy of the Earth which imbues it with a strong grounding force. It is filled with magical energy that increases the ability to connect with past lives. It can be used to activate the solar plexus chakra.

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.

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