Tumbled Moonstone


SIZE: ~1.10” – 1.20”


Inspire the heart with the feminine power of magical Moonstone to bring good fortune in all forms of love. 

Moonstone is known to display adularescence or schiller which is an optical phenomenon that has been described as the look of moonlight flowing across water. Some ancient cultures believed Moonstone to have been actually created out of moonbeams. It was reputed to have the powers of the moon and was especially desirable during the times of full moons. It was believed that Moonstone could bring good fortune and inspire feelings of love and affection. It is a stone that brings nourishing, sensual, and deeply feminine energy. It is said to enhance inspiration and bring out the inner goddess. Its vibration of femininity is said to increase fertility as well as sensuality. It is considered a powerful healing stone that brings soothing calmness and balances emotions. Its vibration enhances intuition and insight and encourages introspection leading to divine inspiration. It opens the mind to the reality of the cycles of the life experience, bringing to light the synchronicity of all things future, present, and past. It brings acceptance of change as it balances emotional energy and evokes peace and harmony. Its magical energy illuminates the aura. It is associated with the Moon and with the water signs of the zodiac including Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces as well as airy Libra. It is associated with the sacral, third eye, and crown chakras. 

Carry Moonstone in your pocket if you’re trying to get pregnant. Whether you believe the ancient legends about its fertility power or not, it may soothe your mind and enhance the chances of pregnancy. Because of the powerful female energy exuded by Moonstone, this is a wonderful vibration to place anywhere women gather. It would be a calming vibration for a gynecological office, a women’s clinic, or any other women’s center. Its healing energy makes it a wonderful pocket stone for doctors, nurses, and healers of all kinds. It is an especially good vibration for emotional and mental health counselors. This stone is also a source of inspiration that will enhance spiritual and psychic abilities. It carries a fabulous vibration that can be helpful to psychic, mediums, and shamans. It is also a great energy to keep close when you’re looking for love. Moonstone enhances sensuality and inspires love. Take it on a date or place it beside your computer as you surf the web. Its energy will help you to attract the right kind of love

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.


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