Snowflake Obsidian Hearts


SIZE: 45mm x 40m


A Snow Flake Obsidian Heart is a pure Heart. Snow Flake Obsidian is known as a stone of purity that brings truthfulness and balance to the mind, body, and spirit. It may be employed to bring about transformation and change that is necessary for spiritual growth. It may bring release from stressful or destructive mental patterns. It is especially helpful in getting past the self-identification as a victim and revitalizing the strength of the inner self. It may aid in releasing grief.  It is truth enhancing and clears the mind to allow the truth to release the spirit from emotional or psychological issues. The Heart is the symbol of the core of our being, the place where the energy of our relationships with others resides. It is the home of all of the love that exists in our lives. Combining Snow Flake Obsidian with the Heart symbol creates a transformative vibration that will allow love to open the way to finding the self. This is a great talisman for therapists, counselors, and emotional healers of all kinds. Use the energy of this beautiful talisman to elevate the atmosphere of your office. Its soothing vibration will aid your patients in their journey to their centers. It can help the healing process begin. This is also a wonderful talisman for spiritual seekers. Snow Flake Obsidian aids in releasing the self in meditation, allowing free passage to the higher realms. It increases psychic sensitivity and opens the mind to the synchronicity of life’s patterns leading to one’s higher path and enlightenment. It may aid in communicating with souls or spirits that exist on other planes of existence allowing contact with lost loved ones. It can be used to attune with animal spirits or totems. The black and white beauty of the stone reveals the inner secrets of the patterns of one’s life that need to come into focus on the journey toward the higher spiritual realms. The power of love helps to reveal those patterns and take one on into the light of spiritual enlightenment. This talisman is a powerful tool for shamans, mediums, psychics, seers, and spiritual seekers of all kinds. Use it to help you understand your journey to the truth and open the door to commune with those on the higher planes of existence

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.



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