Shungite Hearts


SIZE: 35mm x 30mm

Origin: Russia


Shungite is the product of metamorphism of crude oil mineraloid materials from the Earth’s first oil deposits created during the Precambrian period over two billion years ago. Some people claim the material is formed from the earliest marine life on the planet and others from a meteorite. If polished, it displays white and gold colored bands. It is a leading source of fullerenes, a soccer-ball-shaped amalgamation of carbon that is well known to have healing properties or at least to act as a delivery system to allow medications to work properly. There are two types of Shungite. One is black and contains about fifty percent carbon. The other is silver and contains about seventy percent carbon and carries a much higher amount of fullerenes. It was originally found in the Karelia area of Russia. It was named for Shunga, a village in that area located on the shores of Lake Onega. It has now reportedly been found in other parts of the world. It has historically been recognized as a source of purification for water. It is said that Czar Peter I visited the area to bathe in waters infused with Shungite. It is said to be a great source of psychic power and to be a strong connector to the higher realms. It is said that it rejuvenates and purifies the aura and chakras. It is considered to have a magical, mystical vibration. 

The magical energy of Shungite fits perfectly into the shape of the heart symbol. The love vibration of the heart combines freely with the strong spiritual vibration of the stone. This is a great talisman for mystical flight through the higher realms of existence. It is a perfect combination for those who seek to understand the mysteries of the universe.

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.

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