Serpentine Hearts


SIZE: 40mm x 30mm

Origin: Peru


Serpentine, also known as New Jade, is a greenish brownish hydrous magnesium phyllosilicate mineral found in serpentinite rocks. It is the leading source of asbestos and magnesium. It is also used as a decorative stone and in jewelry. The name is derived because the stone is thought to have the texture and color of a snake scale. It is found all over the world. This powerful stone can be used to harness healing energy and consciously direct it to problem areas. It is an aid in meditation and enhances spiritual exploration. It assists in retaining wisdom and regaining memories of past lives. It clears the chakras and opens the crown chakra to amplify one’s psychic abilities. It activates and releases Kundalini energy. It also may protect from psychic attacks. It is associated primarily with the heart chakra and secondarily with the crown chakra. It is associated with the astrological sign Gemini.

Another natural substance for the heart symbol, Serpentine is closely associated with the heart chakra. This combination amplifies the power of tantric love and enhances the psychic abilities by pushing the force of love through the energy channel and chakras. This could be a powerful talisman for spiritual seekers.

Price is for 1 stone. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.

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