Crazy Lace Agate Gemstone Marbles (Orbs)


SIZE: 20mm


The Crazy Lace Agate Sphere draws joy and laughter into your life. Crazy Lace Agate is a stone of joy and exuberance. It exudes an energy that strongly encourages the most positive forces. It elevates thought and promotes optimism to the highest level. It positively enhances and stimulates one’s mind and attitude. It injects the spirit with the joyousness of life. Combining the universal energy of the Sphere with the happy vibration exuded by Crazy Lace Agate creates a joy generator that will elevate the atmosphere of every space. This is also a powerful talisman for detectives and researchers seeking to uncover the mysteries of the world. Its vibration may be used to bring out hidden information and clear secrets and mysteries. Use the power of the Crazy Lace Agate Sphere to leave behind the secrets of the past and inject joy into every moment of the present.

Important: This photo is only for your reference, and is representative of the material.Individual carvings may vary slightly in size, color, or, inclusions. We will do our best to select individual pieces that best represent the stone you have chosen.

Stand not included.


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