Skull Lapis


SIZE: 1.5″

Lapis Lazuli encourages self-awareness, promotes self-expression, and reveals inner truth. It enhances the inner qualities of honesty, compassion, and morality. It stimulates objectivity, clarity, and creativity. It aids in speaking one’s truth to the world and confronting life’s problems. It inspires great confidence. It has long been a symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, and spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol for wisdom and truth. It attracts success. It enhances intellectual ability, sharpens memory, and activates the higher mind.

A Lapis Lazuli skull would enhance self-expression from the innermost parts of the mind and spirit. The stone activates the higher mind and promotes self-expression. The symbolic house of all knowledge, the Skull, combined with the vibration of Lapis Lazuli is a powerful talisman for artists and writers. It should open the way for the deepest of expressive experiences and greatly heightened creativity.

Price is for 1 piece. Multiple pieces are shown to demonstrate how no two are alike, differing in both size & shape.

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