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It’s that time of year where excitement fills the air for us. Tucson Gem and Mineral shows are just around the corner – our favorite time of year! We will have the opportunity to see incredible sites and sounds, and re-connect with old friends.

Dealers and miners come from all over the world, bringing their wears and findings from a year of collecting. These are on display for all rockhounds and merchants to see. For not only are sellers from all over the world, but also buyers from other countries gather in Tucson. Merchandise may change hands several times here before reaching their final destination.

Lots of preparation for us:  make lists of our inventory needs and wants, gathering special requests and packing. Traveling 1918 miles for this annual event is a lot of work, but also lots of fun! While in Tucson, we will catch up with friends we only see once a year and sometimes for just a short time. We will look for new treasures and beautiful items to share with our customers. One of the greatest treasure though are the stories and experiences we will have and share on our return.

Tucson provides a small glimpse into the world and what is happening globally.  Some stones may be available this year that were not last or vise versa, depending on local events, politics, wars and cartel activity.

Tucson is upon us; we are excite to see what new adventures await us and the new material we will find!



Rock ‘N Glass Trunk Show

RNG 2015 Trunk Show Blog

Tucson 2015

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast, we queued early with other buyers awaiting the opening of an international show, which features gemstones, cut gems, beads and finished jewelry. Security is very high; tension mounts as people jostle for position. Prior to our arrival, there was a six vehicle accident right at the show’s entrance as four cars tried to fit into a one-car space! Luckily no one was hurt. Amazingly, other than the two taxi drivers, people left their vehicles in the pile-up for the police/security guards to deal with and went shopping! Only in Tucson and only during the shows!

Being early allowed us first pick at the minerals we sought. From Russia, we purchase seraphinite, shungite and charoite tumbles, spheres, hearts, pyramids and/or eggs.



As we walk about the show, merchandise from Peru draws our eyes.  It is the first year in Tucson for this mother-daughter team, who do not speak English. Being bilingual saves the day, as we sort out weight conversion, money exchange, and completion of sales receipt. Though this picture does not due their merchandise justice, hematite-included rhodocrosite hearts and eggs are added to our bounty. We are amazed to be greeted/recognized by vendors we haven’t purchased from in years. Truly you can make connections in Tucson which last decades!

Our next stop is at an outdoor show where we know calcites from Mexico can be found. We acquire orange calcite and green calcite by the case. Unfortunately, the blue calcite is very light in color – a washed out sky-blue – so we’ll look for it elsewhere.

Strolling about we are delighted by the sights and sounds of multiple cultures gathered in one place, working side-by-side in harmony. Tucson is such a special place! Focusing again, we are directed to a father-son team from Mexico, whose fantastic heart, bison and bear carvings join our purchases.

As we continue about this show, it starts to drizzle. Rain can be a problem in Tucson as streets/drains are not designed to handle lots of water and flooding can be an issue. Quickly, extraordinary amethysts from Uruguay and calcite geodes from Morocco are added to our collection as we have an appointment across town. We can already see that the freight from this trip will be double last year’s. Oh, my aching back!

Traffic is still light as we drive to locale specializing in minerals from Madagascar. What amazing stock! Labradorite freeforms, and hearts in polychrome, carnelian, and labradorite are bought in quick order. The rain is picking up, so we must get rain gear. Indian crystal and minerals are next on our list; tomorrow is another day.

Tucson 2015

Day 1

Today, as usual on our first day, is dedicated to re-establishing connections and looking around to see what is new. It is always great to reconnect with friends from around the world!



On the way to The Strip, we noted and followed signs to a small, unadvertised rock show. Though we were early, the dealer waved & invited us into his showroom. There are outstanding Rhodocrosite stand ups (one-face polished specimens) he acquired when he purchased an old collection. The collection included tons of this material, enough to fill two garages! While he has been selling it for over a week, there are still beautiful specimens. This material is from an Argentine mine, which closed years ago after playing out. Rhodocrosite of this quality has not been on the market for eons. We could not resist; several spectacular pieces are coming home with us!



Their showroom features Thomsonite, available as individual stones or set in jewelry. The color and texture of this material is unique, reminding us a bit of ocean jasper. We were told that gem-quality stones are found only in a limited area of Lake Superior’s shoreline. This Minnesota mineral must be removed from its volcanic rock matrix – not an easy task!

A great assortment of Lake Superior Agates was also available. This agate is a beautiful chalcedony, banded with rich red, yellow, and orange colors; the colors coming from iron and copper ore in the soil. We learned that Lake Superior agates were dispersed by glacial activity during the last Ice Age. This stone is difficult to carve due to the natural flaws inherent in it; many carvings break during their creation.  We are pleased to return with horses and rabbit carved from this stone.

Back on the road, we saw lots of U-Haul trailers and trucks carrying goods to the various shows. The majority of the gem & mineral shows don’t officially start until January 29th; many dealers are just now getting their merchandise. Reaching our destination, we greeted vendors who have helped us in the past and looked around for new material or items in short supply. We are returning with massage wands in nephrite, banded calcite and jasper from Peru.

Tomorrow is just a night away; can’t wait to see what we’ll discover and bring home!

Rock ‘n Glass Open House

We have been given a wonderful oppurtunity to hold rock & mineral shows in a Gainesville venue. On each of the first three Saturdays in December 2014, from 9am – 4pm, the crystals, minerals and other treasures brought back from past Tucson Gem & Mineral shows will be on display.

RNG Open House Blog

In appreciation of this blessing, we will pay it forward by offering specials/discounts on each Saturday.

On December 6th, take 20% OFF all bookends – choose from Sandstone, Agate or Orthoceras. They are all on sale this Saturday only!

On December 13th, we will have gift certificate specials: Buy a $25.00 Gift Certificate; get a $5.00 Gift Certificate FREE! Buy a $50.00 Gift Certificate; get a $10.00 Gift Certificate FREE!

On December 20th, take 10% OFF all Sterling Silver Jewelry – Moldavite, 7-Chakra, Amber, Gemstones, and more! The perfect gift for that special person in your life is on sale – today only!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Because of your support,we continue to thrive. Wishing all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Natural Ametrine Crystal, Anahi Mine, Bolivia

Natural Ametrine Crystal, Anahi Mine, Bolivia

Tucson 2014

Day 6

This morning we returned to the Madagascar minerals showroom to pick up our order. As we were chatting with the staff, the owner arrived with a fresh shipment of Ocean Jasper and Polychrome hearts, freeforms and spheres. We were fortunate to hand select these beauties. Though we spent more than expect, it was a great time!

Polychrome hearts, freeforms and spheres

Polychrome hearts, freeforms and spheres

We are now focused on our quest for quartz creations. All of yesterday’s walking has paid off; we found the cracked quartz obelisks. We also added quartz pyramids, angels and spheres from Brazil to our roster of minerals.

Quartz Cluster from Brazil

Quartz Cluster from Brazil

The various shows are very quiet today; buyers are just not here. There is much speculation that folks are staying home preparing for Super Bowl parties. Previously, we noted natural Ametrine crystals in the display area featuring the Bolivian Amethyst. Ametrine is a variety of quartz that has both amethyst and citrine in the same crystal. Both amethyst and citrine are colored by small amounts of iron. The distinct color zones within each crystal are due to the differing oxidation states and distribution of iron within the crystal. Ametrines have a rough exterior and do not grow into points like quartz or amethyst probably due interference with the growth of flat planes and sharp edges. These gemstones are also from the Anahi Mine and have distinct terminations and recognizable faces. These beautiful crystals are faceted, made into beads, spheres, and pyramids or sliced to show the zonal patterns within. We were just going to look, but somehow ended up with these in our basket!  As our pictures did not show the beauty of these, we are using Internet images to show their beauty.



Ametrine Closeup

Ametrine Closeup

At the end of the day, we returned to visit and collect our order from India. Walking back to the car, we stopped to speak with vendors with a unique product.  Fossil mammoth tusk and walrus tusk ivory is collected in Canada and Alaska by indigenous people, sold and transported to Indonesia where it is carved into works of art. Bats carved in fossil mammoth tusk ivory, as well as, birds carved in fossil walrus tusk ivory are coming home with us.