Dani’s Totem Makes an Appearance.

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Dani stepped out of the Medicine Woman’s home and looked at the world with new eyes. She took in everything she saw with purpose. She began her search for signs from the world that would lead her to the right totem.

She remembered the Medicine Woman’s words and walked rapidly to the place where the carver always sat when using his tools to create things of beauty. He sat on the ground surrounded with scraps from his carvings. All of his attention was focused on a stone bowl that he’d placed on his lap.

Dani sat beside the carver’s blanket and waited as he finished polishing the bowl. She listened to the sound of his cloth as it moved across the surface of the bowl, and to the breeze as it played with the fir needles of a nearby tree. Then she heard the sound of fluttering wings and looked up to the branches of the tree. A black raven sat staring her way. Then it leapt from the tree and flew in a circle above the place where she sat before taking off. It disappeared into the sunlight falling from the western sky. She knew her totem had made an appearance. The Raven had spoken to her heart.

The carver put down the bowl and held out his hand toward her.

Without exchanging a word, Dani knew what the carver wanted. She pulled the piece of moose antler from her pocket and handed it to him.

The carver held the antler up and Raven flew back from the sun carrying a branch in his beak. Raven dropped the branch before the carver and flew away.

The carver said, “Raven has chosen this piece of Moose. He wants me to use this branch to make charcoal to color the Raven who lives inside this antler.”

“I think Raven has chosen me.”

“It seems you know your own heart, girl. Raven has chosen a strong disciple. Listen for the messages he may bring, but be careful. He can be a trickster.”

“How can I tell if the message is real or a trick?”

“Learn to listen with your heart and mind to the world around you.”

“May I watch while you carve?”

Raven appeared once more and landed on the ground beside Dani. He cocked his head and stared into her eyes before he leapt up and disappeared into the trees.

The carver smiled. “This will take some time. Come back later to watch the finishing touches. I think Raven wants you to follow him today.”

Dani nodded and followed Raven into the trees. raven onyx 700x700

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