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Day 4 Tucson 2012

rose quartz 900x541

Day 4 Today our focus is on finding that new or unusual item(s). Immediately we contacted a Canadian miner selling ‘Fairy Stones,’ silicated concretions. These extraordinary forms are believed to have formed from the remains of bacterial colonies in calcium carbonate-rich cold, swampy waters as concentric circles around plant filaments. Each shows patterns of growth […]

Sun sets on our trip Tucson 2011

amethyst gem tree feb 2 11 485x480

The sun sets on our trip to Tucson Yesterday was our last buying day as we have to pack our merchandise for shipping today.  We are bringing great treasures home, including new tumbled stones, stone jewelry, quartz from various regions, fossils from England and Germany, new mineral specimens, and polished material from throughout the world. […]